You asked to speak with me? What is it you want? All the time people come to speak, give record of their truths. I am tired; the world is tired.

It’s been twenty five years. You did not change – the world did; what could be funnier than all this cranky habits; comply with their anguish is all that’s left.

Why did you want to speak with me? I didn’t, you did. So, why did I want?

Leave me alone! – Alone? The least unworthy word. These are vacuous questions, technical. An intellectual of your merit can’t be interested in them.

What the hell, I know all of that! We’ve got more important things to talk about than snowballs and ink stains. You will regret this. They better keep in mind the abyss between both sides, the abyss of power and gravitas; inconceivable for even a great philosopher.

Why is this good and intelligent man idle? I don’t know! It’s a mystery. Why is he not on our side? A nice manifestation; you some kind of salvation. Take your time – yes, it has been changed.

Make a note and keep on reading for goodness’ sake! These details are not important! No premature decisions. Think it over.

A passage utterly everted by someone who did not understand. I refuse to keep on reading! Here, have it back. No, please do not talk; they will not hold it for much longer.


December 2016