Don't get Offended_

These days some people want me to agree with them about this and that. To the contrary, I feel like disagreeing. It’s not a conflict. I just disagree. Don’t get offended!

It helps to clarify my thoughts, to put them into words, to discover new questions. How could I find out anything without reflection?

No enlivening conversation would be possible. Instead the boredom of having to listen constantly to the same old platitudes, dogmas and opinions, and to constantly say what I said already, to repeat myself while saying nothing new. Give me a break!

I ask for expanding and widening my viewpoints, tastes and sense of wonder. I need some frequent disagreement.

Otherwise I get stuck with unnecessary fears of an uncertain future generating an ever-growing list of threats that nourish paranoia; uncertainty increases stress, self-esteem becomes elusive.

I need to practice critique and construction. I need to dismantle arguments I disagree with. Employing reason serves me well. Honest differences of opinion arise even among very like-minded people. We know that. It’s good! It’s healthy!

What I am talking here is politics: the politics of discussion and deliberation. I have to be willing to listen and be able to accept objection. Freedom is what I will gain.

The enraged and paranoid do not get involved in serious debate. Their anger and fear makes them incapable of doing so. They intentionally choose provocation. The bigger the insult, the fiercer the attack, the less political correct, the more attention they seek. This is too boring. Let us disagree instead.

Don't get Offended

July 2017