Stern Tests

Free independent thinking, the use of reason, scientific discovery, the daring to challenge uncritically embraced established wisdom in order to establish objective foundations behind all knowledge will always be confronted by assertions that the attainment of “the truth” is ultimately always a struggle for power, that behind all knowledge lays a desire for power.

The manufacture of political support for preferred ideas, a world where almost everything, almost all the time, is used as a means to power. Differing from this established order is not so much a sign that you are wrong (be mindful: truth is not the real issue here) but a sign that you are not collaborating.

Better to embrace the established approved consensus: a corrupted, controlled intellectualism.

What about me? Have I not been told and encouraged to discover that the truth can only be determined in isolation from the frivolity and servility to the structures and institutions of power?

The truly powerful man subjects even his most cherished faith to the severe scrutiny of reason, empirical observation and scientific inquiry. He is prepared to give up his beliefs if they cannot stand stern tests; he abandons his allegiances when verifiably proven wrong.

Believing in eternal truths, he stands up against the ones who, as a matter of politics, pride and greed, treat knowledge and facts as mere commodities, negotiable entities.

When truth is replaced by silence (and omission), the silence is a lie.

Stern Tests_

August 2017